Metal Stud Track

Interior Framing

Your one-stop shop for steel stud wall framing. JBS wall framing systems are designed to provide the ideal solution for a variety of applications. From internal steel stud wall framing for drywall framing systems, to anti-creaking steel framing systems for tall buildings; JBS has the framing system to suit your requirements.

Exterior Structural Framing

Structural Steel Framing System

Looking for high-quality structural metal wall studs? Certified for UL Systems U419, U465, and U411 JBS Structural Steel Stud Systems are manufactured from 50ksi Steel with a minimum of G60 Galvanized coating. These Steel Stud Wall Products are used in a variety of applications, including; load-bearing walls, curtain walls, floor joists and roof trusses.

Structural Angles & Flat Strap

JBS range of Utility Angles and Flat Strap are manufactured in the US, using premium quality American steel and come in a minimum G60 Galvanized coating.